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Financial Information

The fee for psychotherapy generally covers a 45 minute session and will be agreed upon prior to or at the time of the first session. Many insurance plans cover certain types of mental health services but each plan varies and benefits are ever-changing. I take some but not all major insurances. It is highly recommended you speak with your insurance company regarding your benefits, whether your plan covers mental health, if you need a pre-authorization, to clarify provider status, and to know the deductibles and co-pays for your specific plan. If your insurance pays for mental health services, it must be based on a medically qualified mental health diagnosis which some clients choose to defer.


Reduced rates for services are available through a sliding fee scale for those who are self-pay. Because there are many variables that can impact the customary rate, I am very glad to speak with you further about your financial situation. My desire is to find a workable solution for everyone who seeks help. Unless prior arrangements are made, fees or copays are collected at the time of service.

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