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Experienced Compassionate Care

My view of the human person is based in the belief that we are relational beings at our core and that all of life is made up of interactive relationships that tend to move us toward life, stagnation or away from it. This includes the way we relate to ourself, including our thoughts, feelings, body and experiences, how we relate with others and with the actual world around us. Often, when one area of our life is impacted in some way, other areas will also become affected.

Together, we will listen carefully to your life in order to discover the interactive relationships between your thoughts, feelings, words and actions that make up your story to determine whether your current responses to life are in line with what you value most. We will also identify and address the "sticking points" that can get in the way of the life you most want to live. My approach is both holistic and integrative, drawing on a variety of evidence-based treatment models to inform and guide our consultations together.

For those who are interested and open to the spiritual path for living, we can explore how your own spirituality or faith tradition can provide guidance and strength in helping you heal and grow into greater freedom, purpose and joy. My own faith journey is in the Christian tradition which informs my understanding of God and humanity, as well as brokenness, reconciliation and healing in the human condition. Although I believe in a holistic approach to care, I will be respectful of the values and tradition from which each person comes.

Therapy Services Include:

Individual Therapy

Treatment Issues Include:

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Loss

  • Trauma

  • Relational problems

  • Work-life stress

  • Secondary addiction issues

  • Spiritual issues

  • Life transitions.

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